When we breakdown barriers, we build up hope.

When you see things differently,
you do things differently.

At Women’s College Hospital, we are leading a fundamental shift in the way refugees experience healthcare upon their arrival in Toronto.

For 140 years we have seen things differently.

We don’t just acknowledge gaps in care, we fill them—and our work in refugee health is another example of how we see and do things differently than the current and dated healthcare system.

As a donor to Refugee Health and the Crossroads Clinic at Women’s College Hospital, you enable culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, holistic care to refugees on their path to a new life in Canada—ensuring a future where each and every one of our neighbours, friends, community members, and loved ones have the opportunities and support they need to thrive.

Beyond Medicine: An Ecosystem of Support

We know that once people have arrived in Canada, accessing healthcare is often a lower priority. Newcomers spend their time and attention on finding housing and employment, adjusting to a new culture, and learning a new language. This delay in accessing care can lead to late interventions, potential health risks, and unnecessary complications. We see this, and embrace these patients with an entire ecosystem of support.

  • Specialized primary
    care physicians
  • Nurse
  • Social Workers
  • Referrals to
    specialists within WCH
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Patient intake
    At refugee shelters
  • Peer Navigator
  • Community
  • Compassionate Fund


Expanding Our Clinic, Touching More Lives

The Crossroads Clinic for Refugee Health at Women’s College Hospital is Toronto’s first and only hospital-based clinic that exclusively provides comprehensive healthcare services for newly arrived refugees and refugee claimants in Toronto. We have embarked on a $5 million fundraising campaign to redesign our Clinic to provide an even warmer, more welcoming space to serve more people while expanding our refugee health program.

Empowering Health, One Step at a Time

The Crossroads Clinic has been a beacon of health and compassion for refugees in Toronto since 2012. Yet, we acknowledge the challenges that patients face. With small exam rooms and tight corridors, the current space struggles to make patients feel welcome, and fails to accommodate multigenerational families effectively.

Current Facility Layout

Reimagining Refugee Healthcare—Together

The proposed expansion of the Crossroads Clinic signals a bright, new era of healthcare for newcomers to Canada. Imagine a warm and welcoming space where culture, language and diversity are celebrated. This visionary project will accelerate access to care, offering urgently needed healthcare services to even more refugees, within a full ecosystem of support.

Expanded Facility Layout

As a donor to refugee health at Women’s College Hospital, you will: 

Accelerate access to care for refugees: For many newcomers to Canada, healthcare may not be a top priority. We need to help them make it a priority again. 

Redevelop the current space of our Crossroads Clinic: We envision keeping families together in times of need. Larger exam rooms will accommodate families and more spacious areas for children to play.

Conduct vital, community-based research and education: Investment in community-based research to respond to the ever-changing demographics of the patient population, and education for patients as well as healthcare providers. 

Dr. Meb Rashid,
Medical Director,
Crossroads Clinic for
Refugee Health