WCH knows our healthcare system needs to change. High costs, hallway medicine and a lack of gender-focused research are pressing challenges threatening the health of Canadians today. 

We don’t accept the status quo and never have. Every day, we apply a sex and gender lens to everything we do. This started in 1883 when we provided women with the only facility in Canada to provide accessible medical training. A passion for equitable healthcare is embedded deep into our DNA, equity underpins everything we do at WCH. We know that when you focus on equity, you are creating a healthcare system that works for everyone. 

WCH is the first Canadian hospital to fully adopt a Learning Health System approach. This approach utilizes feedback and data to make improvements to patient care in real-time—not years from now. It’s an integration between research, clinical care, operations, and the community where everyone is engaging with a shared mission of continual improvement and learning across all programs, centres and institutes with the aim of impacting positive change for the best possible patient care.