Meet Dr. Meb Rashid

Medical Director, Crossroads Clinic for Refugee Health

“Crossroads is the first hospital-based clinic in Toronto that has a mandate to exclusively serve refugee populations—no matter their status.”

“Our primary goal at Crossroads Clinic is to help all people integrate better and enjoy long-term success in Canada and what sets us apart is that we exclusively serve refugees and refugee claimants. As an ambulatory care hospital, we’re uniquely poised to respond to this gap in the primary care system.

In addition to providing excellent clinical care, we’re an academic hospital. That means doctors, student doctors, nurses, social workers, and researchers can study issues and trends pertaining to specific populations, well before they could ever be identified by non-specialized clinics. Advocacy is also important to WCH. We see it as our responsibility to speak up for those who may not be able to use their voice. We know that a combination of clinical care, research and advocacy has a tangible effect on improving the lives of newcomers to Canada.”