Meet Janelle Noel

Service Coordinator, Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care Centre (SA/DVCC)

“We’re the only network of sexual assault care centres in the world, and WCH is the central hub for 37 provincial locations, which creates a provincial standard of care no matter where the patient is.”

It’s a shocking statistic: one in three Canadian women experience sexual violence at some point in their lifetime. What’s more, prior to the opening of our SA/DVCC in 1984, those affected weren’t getting the follow up care they needed to move forward.

Today, the SA/DVCC at Women’s College Hospital is the leading provincial hub for the 37 locations of the Ontario Network of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centres. As such, it sets the standards of excellence, inclusion and care for community organizations that serve sexual assault and domestic violence survivors across the province and has implemented a groundbreaking model for our province.

We see a way forward for victims of violence.