Meet Emery Potter

Nurse Practitioner, Transition-Related Surgery Program

“What’s really special is our people and our people really care. We look for the gaps and we’re willing to learn and willing to provide leadership in closing those gaps. That’s why our TRS program is so successful and so important.”

Women’s College Hospital understands that Transition-Related Surgery (TRS) is an essential and life-saving service. That’s why we’re proud to be home to the first TRS Program at a publicly funded hospital in Canada. Founded in 2019, the program provides plastic surgery, urology, gynecology and anesthesiology services provided by a compassionate team of doctors, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists and social workers.

More than just providing surgeries, our TRS program also promotes better outcomes for the trans community through academic research and medical education. By training and recruiting new residents, surgeons and clinical staff with specialized expertise, we’re building capacity and working to increase access to safe, compassionate surgical care for trans and gender-diverse individuals.